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Professional Payment Solutions Group proudly provides the Jarvis platform to enable and automate all back-office duties, empowering ISOs/Agents and merchants to manage any size business environment.

Jarvis is an All-in-One program which helps you review your sales volume, transaction and refund data, chargebacks and daily, monthly and annual sales activity. All designed to help you evaluate profitability, order supplies and request customer support. Jarvis even offers an integrated mobile 

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app to help you manage your business away from your office. This system offers merchant a fully functional mobile app, and online merchant portal, enhanced communications ability with their agent and our entire customer support team and also the ability to learn about our new products and programs as they are developed.

The Agent Advantage

At Choice, we eliminate back-office roadblocks and ISO Management problems with our Jarvis ISO/Acquirer platform. We can provide services like:

  • Unlimited Users, Sub-Offices, Agents, Underwriters, Technicians, Customer Service, etc.

  • Process Residuals in Minutes

  • Increase Agent Channel 10X Plus, No Added Staff

  • Increase Deal Count 10X Plus, No Added Staff

  • Full Transparency Across All Relationships

  • Manage Bank Sponsor Compliance

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All our agents, underwriters, technical and customer support teams work with the Jarvis system. This helps us better serve our clients by identifying potential issues with terminal updates, PCI compliance or chargeback concerns and working to address them before they can create problems for your business. We are better able to respond to customer inquiries or concerns since Jarvis notifies the correct department as soon as a support request, or ticket, is entered into the system. Our goal is to offer our clients assistance whenever they need it, giving you the advantage of clear solutions to keep your business moving in the right direction.

Our built-in underwriting and boarding service can provide True Auto Approval with Over 250 Live-Time Validations and Manual Underwriting in 15-20 Min vs. 4-6 Hours. We can Reduce Advanced Underwriting Checks from 4-6 Hours to 2-3 Minutes and, upon Approval, go from Boarded to Processor within 3-5 Minutes. Our system Boards Merchant Info/Rates and Terminal File Builds and can Approve and Board with the Speed of a Payment Facilitator.

Our CRM also provides unprecedented levels of Risk Management. Enabling us to Set Rules on Multiple Levels, employ Merchant Specific Rules, Automate Batch Holds, Releases, Reserve Requests and Releases. We can also apply Over 30 Risk Flag Validations, Post Batch Risk Management and Live-Time Risk Management. Making this a truly all-in-one system to suit your specific needs.

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