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POB and Regular Payment Processing

POB is short for “Point of Banking.” POB is a payment card processing system. It requires a small convenience fee from the cardholder. This is being added to the approved transaction amount. Thanks to POB payment processing, retail merchants get an opportunity to accept card payments for free. The reason is that the small convenience fee paid by the cardholder covers the costs of each transaction.

Using POB, merchants get an alternative credit card processing solution that can solve some of their most important issues. First of all, it can save them some technical difficulties associated with chargebacks and revenue lost on transaction fees.

So, Point of Banking (POB) is great for high risk merchant. It can be an ideal credit card payment processing service for high risk merchants indeed. Well, what’s the difference between POB and regular credit card processing? With POB, the customer shoulders the transaction fee as opposed to the merchant. Merchants get an opportunity to aggregate savings on each sale as opposed to paying a percentage fee.

Credit card terminals run transactions that’re signature based. These are for exact dollar amounts, but merchants must pay a processing fee of around 3% of each sale amount or more. As a result, merchants get charged thousands of dollars each year. Quite naturally, this reduces merchants’ profits earned each month. In fact, the larger the business is, the greater the processing cost is.




POB Payment Processing

POB operates like a standard ATM machine. Only there isn’t any cash inside. Using a POB machine, customers swipe their card and enter their personal identification number or PIN as they normally would. However, the machine prints out a transaction receipt and not dispensing cash. Then, the customer gives the receipt to the cashier to pay for rendered products/services.

Point of Banking or POB terminals run PIN-based for dollar amounts in increments of $5 or $10. The maximum amount is $300. A lower maximum is also available for merchants if they can’t afford that.

When it comes to monthly fees, there are NONE.............

There’s nothing challenging about the POB setup and use. All you need is to have a place to plug into a power source and a place to plug into the phone line you’re currently using. When a customer is ready for transaction processing through your POB machine, he/she just needs to swipe his/her card, enter his/her PIN number, and pick the withdrawal amount.

As for the security, as soon as the transactions get approved, you get your funds deposited into the Federal Reserve banking system. Then, the processing is completed just like with any other type of bankcard payment processing terminal.

Fees & Transaction Surcharges
$3.99 Transaction Surcharge - Paid by the customer
$0.00 Account Set Up Fee
$0.00 Annual Fee
$250 Equipment Fee

Bank Settlement 24 hours

No Expensive Processing Fees (End of Processing Fees)

Offer Your Customer Convenience of paying with Debit Card / Credit Card Payments



Need POB for a Dispensary Delivery Service?

Are you a merchant on the lookout for a high-risk merchant account provider to get POB for a dispensary delivery service? Why not turn to PPSG? PPSG is one of the #1 high risk payment processing companies in the US and has an A rating with Card Payment Options.





PPSG’s offers secure credit card processing for online businesses, as well as offshore merchants from all over the world.  If your business is considered a speculative one by banks, turn to PPSG to get the best deal for your high risk business. With PPSG, you can enjoy quick, affordable and safe transactions.

By the way, one of the reasons PPSG has been named one of the #1 processors by Top Credit Card Processors 5 times is because PPSG prides itself on being there for our its customers when they need PPSG most.


Remember that PPSG specializes in payment processing solutions for businesses requiring high-risk merchant accounts to complete credit card payment processing.

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